Right Here Right Now application is an application showing real time data regarding the city of Chicago. It is reachable from here.

At the beginning, the application shows, in the central part of the screen, an interactive map of the city of Chicago. The left part of the screen, is reserved to the menu, here there is the possibility to choose how two select a path, and the kind of information you want to show or hide on the map.

The right part of the screen is reserved for graphs. The graphs will show up upon request and will give the user some comparison between the selected area and the whole city of Chicago.

Upon user request, some menu will show up over the map. Those menus will provide information about the weather and twitter.
On the left side of the screen there are also some basic controls for the map.

In the lower part of the screen you can switch from a normal view of the map, to an aerial view and, thanks to the plus and minus button , you can zoom in and zoom out from the map.

There is nothing more easy that selecting a path. To do so, you have only to select the type of path you want to consider. You can choose on :
  • Path
  • Bounding Box
  • Rectangle
  • Clear

Path is the simplest type. Clicking on this, you can draw a path from a point to another point by simpling clicking twice on the map. Once you click on the path button, it will highlight, so that you can understand which kind of you are using. Now, click on the first point, and then on a second point. A line highlighting the path will show up, calculating for you the shortest point between those two points.

Bounding Box.By clicking on this button, you will have a rectangle plus a path,drawn and the data that will be fetcted regards that rectangle.

Rectangle can be used insted of the Path. The rectangle, instead of drawing all the path, will focus on an area. Once you select two points a rectangular area will highlight and data regarding that area will be fetched.
Clear option is obviously not a way to draw a path. By clicking on this button, the map will clear all the thing that are drawn giving you the possibility of start a new path.
N.B there is always the possibility to choose the radius of the selection. To do so, you can use the scroll bar on the right part of the menu. By increasing the value, more data will be fetched as we are considering a bigger area.
Once you selected a path, you can select which kind of data you are interested in. Notice that all the data that will be shown regards the area you selected.
As we said before, the left part of the screen, and more in particular the menu, has all the controls to show and hide data. We have 5 different buttons:
  • Layers
  • Yelp
  • Graphs
  • Weather
  • Twitter

Everytime you click on a button, it will color of the color of the marker that will we drawn on the map. In this way you know everytime which kind of data you are showing.
Clicking a second time on the button, all the markers related will be hidden.
The first button we are considering is Layer.
It is composed of 8 sub-buttons that are :
  • Traffic
  • Crime
  • Potholes
  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • Street Lights Out
  • Divvy Bikes Station
  • Places of Interest
  • Uber

Traffic button will show all the information regarding the bus stops and all the buses that are in this moment within the selected area. As it is real time data, the position of the buses will update every time the buses moves with a periodicity of 1 minute.

The second available button is the one of the Crime. Once clicked here, the crime related data will appear and will be updated with some periodicity.

Potholes Abandoned Vehicles and Places of Interest buttons, as the previous one will create markers that shows the position of the potholes, some interesting places and vehicles that has been abandoned in the selected area.

Street Lights Out button, once clicked, will show up two different types of informations. It will simultaneously show information regarding light that are completely out and lights that are only one out.

Divvy Bikes Station button, provide functionality to hide and show divvy stops data. Inside these mearkers there are all information of bikes. One example is the number of available bikes at the moment.

Places of Interest. With this button you can show and hide data regarding places of interest.

Uber button will create a marker at the beginning of the drawn path. The marker, inside his popup has information of
  • How much do I have to wait for an Uber Pop Car and,
  • How much will it cost to me to go from the first selected point, and the last one
Obviously, uber data, is only an estimate.

The second button, is Yelp. It has also some sub-buttons and are:
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Clubs

This button, allow you to show (or hide) data of the best restaurants, bars and club in the selected area. The marker that will apper once you choose a category, will have also a popoup with informations regarding the place as the name and the ranking, and also the most useful review.
Also our Graph button has some sub-menus. They are:
  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • Crime
  • Potholes
  • Street Lights

As you can understand, once you click on one of these, the right part of the screen will be populated with the relative graph. In order to have graphs working, you have to first add a layer on the map using the layer button and then, click on the relative graph button. As instance, if I want to see data related to abandoned vehicles I have first to add the markers on the map, then click on abandoned vehicles in the graph sub-menu. The graph that will appear compares data of Chicago to the data of the selected area. In this way you can understand how, the area you selected data, relates to the one of the whole city.

The second to the last button considered in this section is the Weather button.
The Weather button, will provide information of the weather conditions in the whole city. Once you click it again, it will disappear.

Finally, we have Twitter button.
By clicking on this button you'll allow the stream tweets of a selected marker type. In order to have a working stream, you have to select a marker you are interested in, for example crime, and then click on twitter button. In this way, all the tweets related to crimes in Chicago will appear, and the data will update as time passes.
If you want to change the type of tweets you want to see, you have simply to click on another marker and, in case you don't want to see any tweet anymore, just click on Twitter button again, and the tiwtter box will disappear.
There aren't tweets for all the type of data, they are available only for crime, traffic and divvy.

On the lower part of the menu you can notice that there are two different buttons, Week and Month.
Data into Layer menu, is divided into data of the last month, or data of the last week (2 weeks if we consider crime data).
For this reason, using these buttons, you can choose to show data regarding the last month, or the last week.

The markers are the elements that show data on the map. Their color is of the same color of the menu, once you click on it.
They are clickable and, once clicked, they provide information regarding the type of data they have. Once you click on a marker, a popup will show up and in there there are all the information. For some markers (crime, divvy bikes and traffic), if you enable witter data, a twitter flow will also show up.