EVL to Navy Pier

With the help of our application, we want to display relevant data for the trip from the Electronic Visualization Lab at UIC to the Navy Pier

The images at the end of this section illustrate this simple process

Using data from the MapQuest routing API, the application suggests to take a route leading from Taylor to Roosevelt via Morgan Street, then our trip goes east until we arrive at the lake and we drive along the shore to Navy Pier

We use the default radius of two blocks around the path on our way and within that range we display Divvy Bike stations, Abandoned Vehicles and Crimes

In fact, as we select the markers of our choice, the buttons in the user interface on the left turn into a useful, colored legend that makes it easy to identify the corresponding markers on the map.

We decide to go to the closest Divvy Bike Station at Halsted and Polk, but before we leave we also check the number of available Divvy Bike docks at Navy Pier to make sure we have a free spot at our destination. In fact, the app shows that 11 of 19 docks are available at the moment

One abandoned vehicle is displaying close to Wacker drive

Drawing Path from EVL to Navy Pier Showing Markers between EVL and Navy Pier Popup menu for Divvy Bike station at Navy Pier

North to South and Crimes

We choose to go from Lincoln Park Zoo in Northern Chicago to Washington Park in the South.

As we display the crimes within a 4 block radius around the path, we find that not only does the density of crimes roughly double on our way to the South, but the popups also show that most of the crimes are more violent in the south