For this project, we collected data from different sources. The data regarding the city of Chicago has been taken from the city of Chicago portal (
From there, we've taken this data:
The data of the Crime is from 2001.
The data regarding the Divvy Bikes, has been taken from the divvyBikes website accessible from here.
While, other data is taken from :
In order to use this API, we had to ask for a Key. We had some trouble with bus data and weather data. That is because both this API have a fixed number of daily requests.

We use asynchronous functions to retrieve data and, once the data is our application we filter the data in order to show only the data of the selected area.
Data retrieved is not only filtered. We also elaborate data in order to have an handy data structure. We do this because, in this way, we can manage all the data flow, as for instance the update when we have new data.
All the application Source Code is downloadable from here.
To Install & use the application you can buy or register for an hosting service and, using a FTP client,upload all the source code as it is.
Otherwise you can run your application locally using an application as MAMP, WAMP or LAMP. Once you downloaded this application, you have to start your server by clicking on the provided button and then copy all the source code (unzipped) inside the root folder. At this point, using you web browser you can connect to localhost and enjoy the application.
For both this option, make sure that PHP is enabled and that you have a valid KEY for the APIs.